Nature Lessons 351

When we only look at the external we are not really seeing the true being.

Look at the flower, beautiful as it’s bloom may be, it cannot stand without the roots, the love that flows through the stem and leaves that balance.

We are more than just the face, the body around us, we are what runs within, holds us up and everything that has ever happened to us.

~ Liza



The Field

Life is like walking barefooted across a field. Wild flowers spread out across the field in front of us, some in the sunshine and those under the tree. Each flower we come across is a different experience, a person we meet, a moment in time.

Each flower is a lesson, a message from the divine, a memory coming to the surface. We cannot possibly experience each and every flower, there are too many to encounter, some will be here next time we cross. 

Make the most of each flower you see on your way across the field, look closely at it, see how it shimmers in the sun, listen to it but do not pick it. As you reach the other side, take a deep breath, hold onto what you have learnt, it may be a while before you cross again.

~ Liza



Precipice of Tomorrow

I’m on the precipice of tomorrow,

but I’m no longer looking down.

I’m looking out into the distance,

to way out there and all around.

I know that I’ve climbed up high

it’s still much higher up ahead.

On the precipice of experience,

with my wings about to spread.


As I climb the final steps,

I know I’m on the right path.

Knowing that I have this right,

this time it’s going to last.

I don’t need to look behind me,

I know just what I left.

Served a purpose for a while,

but didn’t stand the test.


I’m on the precipice of life,

I’m nearing all my dreams.

I just found the biggest secret,

life isn’t what it seams.

Life is what you make off it,

the chances that you take.

Life is good and bad you see,

full too with mistakes.



The Traumatised Child

The pain of all your suffering

is felt in every verse.

img_2959Stretched across the page,

traumatised from birth.

Salty tears are mixed with ink,

and yet invisible.

Telling your story of

childhood not reversible.

Your family don’t know you,

born into original sin.

Your mother turned a blind eye,

just because of him.

I see it in all your tiny cracks,

they’re very clear to me.

You lay down in your writing,

so that all of us can see.

Now you choose to write it down,

a ploy to get it out.

It’s really buried deeper,

won’t come up if you shout.

There are those who look away,

they don’t want to know.

What’s with all the writing,

is there some place you could go.

Believe me when I tell you,

I’ve so much respect for you.

For the days you live right now,

the traumatised child too.



Dedicated to a friend but also to all those who write about early experiences of trauma and pain.  I have so much admiration for you, your doing your way and I applaud you from the bottom of my heart.


Nature Lessons 96

A flower might get burnt by the elements, weather conditions such as wind, sun, rain and frost may cause it damage dependant on where it is planted and what challenges life presents it with.  We can also get burnt in life on occasion just like the flower, but like the flower, it does not always mean the end.  We can continue to stretch ourselves out and grow, we have at our disposal the power and strength of spirit to do this.  Ultimately those difficult episodes in life can act as a blessing, if we can just gather ourselves up, treasure and focus on what we have left.

~ Liza  



The Influence of Experience

What influence does our experience have on how we live our lives now, what difference does this have on how we manage and function day to day? How do the wounds of the past weep into our present day?

Wounds when not treated, continue to weep and seep into our lives, we can cover then up with a plaster but they will remain open until they receive the proper care. Like wounds our feelings fester and grow until we are able to whip off the sodden plaster inspect wound  carefully and give it the time and care it needs.

If we don’t recognise and face our true feelings, those buried at the core of our being, born from experience like  pain, fear and shame, they will continue to exist and rule who we are now, how we view the world around us and how we live our lives each day. These feelings will resurface time and time again until we reach a place in which we are able to face them honestly, acknowledge them in truthfulness.

In looking at our experiences, we should do so in truth, we have to see each feeling for what it is, not cover it up, or make it into something else. Ask what is at the root of the feeling, like who abandoned me, why has this left me fearful? We need to acknowledge the parts we played in events and get in touch with the feelings or pain and sometimes deep rooted anger.

It’s not easy acknowledging mistakes, selfishness, ignorance and stupidity, but we have climbed to where we are now up a staircase of challenges littered with questions, we have made decisions that aren’t always in our best interests, or the interests of others.  It is not easy to acknowledge our mistakes but for me it’s the next step, for others it might be the helping hand they need right now.

I don’t think there are many who can say they have always walked a righteous path and if there are I question their honesty.  I question if they have in fact ever really faced themselves and embraced all of themselves for what they are and what they have been.


Nature Lesson 73

We are all at different stages of growth, age is certainly a consideration, but so are our experiences as we travel through life.  Some of us will face many challenges, that will, if we learn the lessons from them, enhance our growth and development.  Others, who may appear to have an easy life, might be much farther behind because they have not shared those same experiences.  We cannot judge others by what they know or don’t know because we all receive individual lessons connected to our own journey, each of our spirits grows at the pace as it should.

~ Liza




A Question of Forgiveness?

I am told or have read that what happens to us in life is not important.   That we are to forgive those that have hurt us in the past.  Because to blame others or circumstance for our unhappiness is to be connected to the ego.  I understand this thinking, if I dare think, that to blame something or someone is to be concerned with the self, not understanding that the journey is forward and not back.  I have managed to forgive, it is not in my nature to hold a grudge, I try to find the best in people.  I recogniser others might have caused me pain but move on from this.

My question here though, is if we are to forget and forgive all that has been done to us, what should we do with the kindness and love that has been lavished upon us, is this of little consequence too?  How can we let one action go but hold onto another, is there a contradiction here or am I not understanding.

Self-consciousness is the enemy, the pretend self, the thing that binds us and prevents us from finding the true self.  Consciousness is the connection to source, without separation, a balance with nature, with the divine.  If I’m understanding, everything that is done, every action, is done to the whole, and if we are connected as I believe we are, a group experience.

I would love your thoughts on this because I want to know about love.  I promote love, I’m grateful for love and I, (although I should probably drop the ‘I’)  feel love.



Strong Woman




Strong woman you’re amazing, you take my breath away

With a meekness that’s inspiring, I watch you every day

Your strength so understated, but so very clearly there

I see in in all things you do, in the passion of your care.


I know you learnt the hard way, it’s what made you strong

Knocks you had along the way, the days that were so long

But out of all those lessons, you found a strength within

You stood up tall and carried on, oh how did you begin


Strong woman tell me what you learnt, show me the way

I so want to be as strong as you, I’d like to start off today

With a meekness that hits me hard, not weak in any way.

Will I have to understand your pain, to walk with you today.