Nature Lesson 73

We are all at different stages of growth, age is certainly a consideration, but so are our experiences as we travel through life.  Some of us will face many challenges, that will, if we learn the lessons from them, enhance our growth and development.  Others, who may appear to have an easy life, might be much farther behind because they have not shared those same experiences.  We cannot judge others by what they know or don’t know because we all receive individual lessons connected to our own journey, each of our spirits grows at the pace as it should.

~ Liza




A Question of Forgiveness?

I am told or have read that what happens to us in life is not important.   That we are to forgive those that have hurt us in the past.  Because to blame others or circumstance for our unhappiness is to be connected to the ego.  I understand this thinking, if I dare think, that to blame something or someone is to be concerned with the self, not understanding that the journey is forward and not back.  I have managed to forgive, it is not in my nature to hold a grudge, I try to find the best in people.  I recogniser others might have caused me pain but move on from this.

My question here though, is if we are to forget and forgive all that has been done to us, what should we do with the kindness and love that has been lavished upon us, is this of little consequence too?  How can we let one action go but hold onto another, is there a contradiction here or am I not understanding.

Self-consciousness is the enemy, the pretend self, the thing that binds us and prevents us from finding the true self.  Consciousness is the connection to source, without separation, a balance with nature, with the divine.  If I’m understanding, everything that is done, every action, is done to the whole, and if we are connected as I believe we are, a group experience.

I would love your thoughts on this because I want to know about love.  I promote love, I’m grateful for love and I, (although I should probably drop the ‘I’)  feel love.



Strong Woman




Strong woman you’re amazing, you take my breath away

With a meekness that’s inspiring, I watch you every day

Your strength so understated, but so very clearly there

I see in in all things you do, in the passion of your care.


I know you learnt the hard way, it’s what made you strong

Knocks you had along the way, the days that were so long

But out of all those lessons, you found a strength within

You stood up tall and carried on, oh how did you begin


Strong woman tell me what you learnt, show me the way

I so want to be as strong as you, I’d like to start off today

With a meekness that hits me hard, not weak in any way.

Will I have to understand your pain, to walk with you today. 


Reflections of Yesterday 

Reflecting on my yesterday’s, I look deep into the depths 

Of what was clear and simple, to the troubled murkiness 

Pondering on happenings and wondering if I was right.

I don’t stay to long, just long enough to understand my plight 

The past is best left where it is but I take the lessons on

So I can understand myself when I might take another step wrong 

The shadows and reflection can distort what was the truth 

I dive deep to find the feeling that are buried from my youth



Our trauma is not obvious,

so everyone can know.

It’s usually buried deep inside,

too far to really go.

Jumps up when we are unaware,

and slaps us round a bit.

Dives back before we notice,

it’s always far too quick.

We feel it in our stomaches,

we feel it in our heads.

Never really leaves our mouths,

there’s nothing to be said.

If we knew what it was made of

we would have it in our net.

But moments we remember,

are easy to forget.

And so we keep it buried,

while it’s silent and asleep.

The monster of experience,

the one we have to keep.