Nature Lessons 38

Through our communications we are able to instill love and kindness.  Watch and be present in all forms of communication as it does not come with words alone, listen to the world around you, give time to others and watch as the colours of the universe blend with your actions. 

~ Liza

Nature Lessons 37

A rose is more than just a flower, it’s a beautiful perfume that follows us around and stays with us. It’s confetti for a bride and a carpet of petals on the ground.  A rose is a gift or love, a welcome and a goodbye and a beautiful memory to cherish.  May your own spirit grow into the world like the spirit of a rose.

~ Liza



Nature Lessons 34

If you are blessed with good family and friends, no matter how far away they are or how often you get to speak, treasure them.  These are the people who carry you through life and make the more difficult times easier to bare.  Life passes in an instant, let those you love know you are grateful for their love and friendship.

~ Liza