The Invisible Branch

We are born into family, our first attachments here on earth.  We branch out from there into different groups, making friends along the way.  These people we meet, the ones that touch our hearts become our family too.  There is not far we can travel on this earth or beyond where those special relationships do not continue, an invisible branch that holds us with love always.

~ Liza 



Nature Lessons 102

Not everything in life is grand, not everything that is of value needs to cost a fortune.  A beautiful life is made up of small moments, precious moments, like those spent with friends and family. These are the treasures to hold onto, the treasures that will last a lifetime.

~ Liza




Seeds of Life



When you look into the mirror do you see your family staring back, do you utter the words they once said, have the same tastes, interests and suffer similar ailments?  It is only nature reflected back at us in that mirror to our connection with past generations.  Take the  seeds that go to make the face of the sunflower that when planted grow into beautiful strong sunflowers.  We are as nature intended and grow from the seeds of past generations.  

~ Liza

Not quite a sunflower 🙂


This Love


Her reverence adorns him, 

like a cloak of golden thread.

Gentle kisses sprinkled, 

from a place above his head.

Her love will never falter, 

it will always hold him high.

She’ll always walk beside him, 

even after their goodbye.

Her heart will always hold him, 

in a very special place.

You will always see her beauty, 

when looking upon his face.

A love story that continues, 

even after all is done.

A love so truly  special, 

between a mother and a son.



I’m thinking about strength today and what it means.  I have been thinking about my mum, her mum and also myself in a way.  I come from a line of strong women, strong because they had to be and because they had the strength of character to carry on despite the knocks along the way.  I’m thinking about them a lot at the moment as it’s nearly the second anniversary of my mums death.

So what is strength.  I don’t think a strong person is one that is able to express themselves loudly, use power over another, overcome those that are weaker or get themselves noticed because of their presence.  Strength can be found in silence, like in those that keep their own council without the need to rant and rave about life.  Those that are sure of their own strength do not have to demonstrate it outwardly, secure in the knowledge that it is there and available in times of need.

Both my mother and grandmother had a quietness about them that could never be misinterpreted for weakness.  Both loved their family fiercely, but did not need to demonstrate this in any other way apart from in the love they showed.  Both women made great sacrifices for their children who recognised the strength of their love, knowing they would willingly go to the ends of the earth and back if it was demanded.

Real strength is comes from within, when one has the ability to draw on their own power and strength to face life.  It comes from the soul, a soul that has become strong and knowledgable, a soul that understands.  A soul that has learnt that it is not necessary to assert power over others in order to be powerful, a soul that understands the only strength you need is the strength to move forward in life with kindness and love.  We become strong through our own spiritual growth, through the lessons we learn as we move through our lives.

The last few years of my mothers life she was in constant pain, I don’t want to go into the in’s and out’s of the illness but my admiration for her is incredible.   She never complained of her pain, she continued to give out the same love, care and concern as she always had and suffered mainly in silence.  Mum had the biggest soul and a strength that was out of this world, despite her own pain her main concern was for those she loved.  I am not sure if I would be strong enough given the same circumstance and I hope and pray that I am not ever tested.

So here’s to strength today, to all the strong women out there, strong men and those that are needing to draw on their strength at the moment.  May you have all the strength you need to succeed and may you learn from your journey.