Nature Lessons 34

If you are blessed with good family and friends, no matter how far away they are or how often you get to speak, treasure them.  These are the people who carry you through life and make the more difficult times easier to bare.  Life passes in an instant, let those you love know you are grateful for their love and friendship.

~ Liza


If we live…


If we live simply with purity and love,

that which opens doorways to light above.

We will live a life that’s full, as love returns it is life’s rule.

If we hold onto our inward soul, 

through all journey’s and where life goes.

We will travel with our friends, who stay until the journey ends

If we allow nature to inspire the man,

dance truly with it’s beauty when we can.

We will be sheltered from any storms, a life of joy as we transform.

If we live with wonder and joy like a child,

with a gentleness, using words that are mild.

We will experience a life of discovery, there’ll be no need for recovery

If we allow others to just be,

love and laugh but not disagree.

We will live a life of richness, free from stress and hopefully sickness.



Added the last line on what I was writing to fit with the daily word prompt – Disagree 😉