This Love


Her reverence adorns him, 

like a cloak of golden thread.

Gentle kisses sprinkled, 

from a place above his head.

Her love will never falter, 

it will always hold him high.

She’ll always walk beside him, 

even after their goodbye.

Her heart will always hold him, 

in a very special place.

You will always see her beauty, 

when looking upon his face.

A love story that continues, 

even after all is done.

A love so truly  special, 

between a mother and a son.

My Boy



Being a mother is the best thing I’ve done,

I was put here on earth to be my boys mum.

It comes with such happiness, heartbreak and joy,

I am incredibly proud that he is my boy.

But then there’s the worries that come with the job.

From the moment of birth, a hotline to God.

To please keep him safe, let him be adored,

to experience love and never ignored

And that’s how it goes, being a mum.

One minute worry, the next lots of fun.

But I wouldn’t trade this job for my life,

for the love of my boy, I’ll deal with the strife.

Thinking of my son, who is actually twenty six and flying off to New York today with his girlfriend.  I want him to have the time of his life but I won’t rest until the plane touches down safely.  It’s all in the job you see!