Nature Lessons 95

Some days it’s okay to give in and admit you might a little broken or weary.  It might be you are sad, tired, sick, or just not able to be as strong as you usually can.  It is quite natural to take time out, look at the tree or a flower after a storm.  Life knocks us about sometimes, we need to take care of ourselves, acknowledge our feelings, cry if we need to and give ourselves time to mend. Like the flower with its head bent, be good to yourself today, knowing you will lift your head  again tomorrow.


~ Liza 




Chaotic -DP

It was more than a little chaotic,

but I wasn’t going to fail.

I’ve done that post-a-day so long,

I would certainly prevail.

So at ten minutes to midnight,

yes, chaotic was the word.

I was trying to be philosophical,

which is totally absurd.

But I got there at the last minute,

I hope that  you’ll agree.

Or at least pretend your happy,

to see that post from me 😉


In response to the Daily Prompt – Chaotic