Trees Tale


The old tree stump connected to me,

from far across the way.

Spoke of years and memories,

so needing to have its say.

A face looked out across at me,

spoke right into my mind.

Of tales of great adventure,

in those years so left behind.

Old witches making poison,

mother nature at her best.

Lovers passion underneath,

winds blowing from the west.

Nesting of many wild animals,

the slaughter of those weaker.

Poachers hiding in the trees,

avoiding angry gamekeepers.

Promises made beneath its leaves,

many broken there too.

Climbing high in the tree so tall,

children swinging their too.

Now it’s chopped and left for dead,

on a piece of open ground.

Screaming out loud to the  universe,

until my mind it found.



lizalizaskysaregrey ©2016

Nature Lessons 38

Through our communications we are able to instill love and kindness.  Watch and be present in all forms of communication as it does not come with words alone, listen to the world around you, give time to others and watch as the colours of the universe blend with your actions. 

~ Liza