Precipice of Tomorrow

I’m on the precipice of tomorrow,

but I’m no longer looking down.

I’m looking out into the distance,

to way out there and all around.

I know that I’ve climbed up high

it’s still much higher up ahead.

On the precipice of experience,

with my wings about to spread.


As I climb the final steps,

I know I’m on the right path.

Knowing that I have this right,

this time it’s going to last.

I don’t need to look behind me,

I know just what I left.

Served a purpose for a while,

but didn’t stand the test.


I’m on the precipice of life,

I’m nearing all my dreams.

I just found the biggest secret,

life isn’t what it seams.

Life is what you make off it,

the chances that you take.

Life is good and bad you see,

full too with mistakes.



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