Nature Lesson 73

We are all at different stages of growth, age is certainly a consideration, but so are our experiences as we travel through life.  Some of us will face many challenges, that will, if we learn the lessons from them, enhance our growth and development.  Others, who may appear to have an easy life, might be much farther behind because they have not shared those same experiences.  We cannot judge others by what they know or don’t know because we all receive individual lessons connected to our own journey, each of our spirits grows at the pace as it should.

~ Liza




2 thoughts on “Nature Lesson 73”

  1. Beautiful.
    And we have the advantage of learning from one another’s journeys, as well. I’m so grateful for books, wordpress, and blogger. It shrinks the world and opens up avenues of learning that would be impossible otherwise 🙂
    Thank you for sharing

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