The Influence of Experience

What influence does our experience have on how we live our lives now, what difference does this have on how we manage and function day to day? How do the wounds of the past weep into our present day?

Wounds when not treated, continue to weep and seep into our lives, we can cover then up with a plaster but they will remain open until they receive the proper care. Like wounds our feelings fester and grow until we are able to whip off the sodden plaster inspect wound  carefully and give it the time and care it needs.

If we don’t recognise and face our true feelings, those buried at the core of our being, born from experience like  pain, fear and shame, they will continue to exist and rule who we are now, how we view the world around us and how we live our lives each day. These feelings will resurface time and time again until we reach a place in which we are able to face them honestly, acknowledge them in truthfulness.

In looking at our experiences, we should do so in truth, we have to see each feeling for what it is, not cover it up, or make it into something else. Ask what is at the root of the feeling, like who abandoned me, why has this left me fearful? We need to acknowledge the parts we played in events and get in touch with the feelings or pain and sometimes deep rooted anger.

It’s not easy acknowledging mistakes, selfishness, ignorance and stupidity, but we have climbed to where we are now up a staircase of challenges littered with questions, we have made decisions that aren’t always in our best interests, or the interests of others.  It is not easy to acknowledge our mistakes but for me it’s the next step, for others it might be the helping hand they need right now.

I don’t think there are many who can say they have always walked a righteous path and if there are I question their honesty.  I question if they have in fact ever really faced themselves and embraced all of themselves for what they are and what they have been.


25 thoughts on “The Influence of Experience”

  1. Many thoughts flood in with this write. But yes, when you mention if there are absolute righteous ones to have walked this earth, I would say if not many there are some souls who have but may not be known in mainstream life because they choose to be so and not talk about it. You can feel them from their aura.

    But yes, experiences, some which are our choices and others which we have to choose because we have to live in a society will inevitably lead to many directions and there comes a time to reminisce and decide on the journey ahead. After all, we need to reconcile with few and leave behind some to move ahead.


    1. I think you’re right, there are greater, more knowing souls. Maybe born that way with a purpose and some found the way and yes their auras are beautiful. I can’t see auras but can see energy and colour and feel love. Some like you say, keep themselves to themselves, a shame for the searcher but understandable all the same.
      I think for most of us, self enquiry is essential if we are to truly know ourselves. Of course we live in a society that demands we conform but we need to find space at times to just be who we really are within this. Thanks for your comments Amitav, they are always most welcome and always interesting.

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  2. Everyone has told lies and covered up the truth by altering their own or others states of consciousness; whether it be through intoxicants or venomous words. Seeking the truth is extremely difficult and must be sought after with the utmost care and respect. The dimensions we must uncover and discover to learn the truth is hard work that I’ll always cherish. Deciding what needs to be left behind to look ahead is daunting, and it must be an art each of us is adamant on practicing daily.

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    1. I suppose it goes back to nothing worthwhile in life will be easy. As you say it’s the practice that gets us there. Yes it can be painful, leave us feeling raw and not want to acknowledge our own actions, denying ourselves on occasion. But continued self enquiry in searching for the truth, I believe, will release us from what we carry. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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      1. Yes, anything that comes easy won’t last like a new moon. Denying our shortcomings is a surefire way to self-destruct. Admittedly, I’ve done it more times than I’m proud to say, but without it, I wouldn’t have learned to acknowledge problems sooner. Universal truths are understood by the intelligent, the beauty of life is deeply embedded in the trajectory we must embark on, fearlessly, which creates our own personal truths.

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      2. I like the analogy to the new moon, very true. I’m not sure anyone actually understands the universal truths, but agree, there are those a lot closer to the answer. It’s a journey I believe is worth taking, to understand ourselves better is to light the way forward.

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      3. I appreciate the compliment. We have a sense of unity and oneness with the universal truths that we identify with, but nothing is certain or concrete, like a constellation written profoundly within the dynamics of the stars.. Personal breakthroughs and knowledge of self is the only way to grow exponentially and continuously progress.

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      4. Absolutely we get there, at the right time for us, but there is always something else, another question waiting to be asked. I do think the answers can be found in the patterns of the universe, nature, astrology, the elements. First, to look inside, continue asking of ourselves and knowing ourselves.

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      5. Indeed. The road to discovering our true selves, is one paved with good intentions and resolute resolves. Patterns are the eternal constant, which radiates the truth brightly. Do you happen to know anything interesting about the Sagittarius zodiac sign? My birthday is tomorrow and I wonder what my sign will truly signify this year. I’m much more intrigued with astronomy than astrology, there’s definitely some truth within astrology.

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      6. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I thought I had already replied but there must have been a glitch! I hope you have a lovely day, what are your plans? I don’t know much about Sagittarius apart from they are natural philosophers, the philosophers of the zodiac even, which goes well. Also they are happy people, like to travel, does this sound right? Have a fabulous time tomorrow whatever you do 🙂

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      7. Thank you for the birthday wish. I’ve been working since 4:30AM this morning on a few different projects. Normally, I grind from the AM to the PM, but I plan on taking some down time in a few hours to go have a nice meal and a beer. Relaxation and play is just as important as remaining diligent. I actually posted a Sagittarius picture on my Instagram when I woke up this morning and it describes me perfectly. Everything you mentioned was part of the post, and then some.

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      8. IG: @kbeezy902. I actually worked harder than expected yesterday. I really don’t like taking days off unless I’m away on vacation.

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