A Question of Forgiveness?

I am told or have read that what happens to us in life is not important.   That we are to forgive those that have hurt us in the past.  Because to blame others or circumstance for our unhappiness is to be connected to the ego.  I understand this thinking, if I dare think, that to blame something or someone is to be concerned with the self, not understanding that the journey is forward and not back.  I have managed to forgive, it is not in my nature to hold a grudge, I try to find the best in people.  I recogniser others might have caused me pain but move on from this.

My question here though, is if we are to forget and forgive all that has been done to us, what should we do with the kindness and love that has been lavished upon us, is this of little consequence too?  How can we let one action go but hold onto another, is there a contradiction here or am I not understanding.

Self-consciousness is the enemy, the pretend self, the thing that binds us and prevents us from finding the true self.  Consciousness is the connection to source, without separation, a balance with nature, with the divine.  If I’m understanding, everything that is done, every action, is done to the whole, and if we are connected as I believe we are, a group experience.

I would love your thoughts on this because I want to know about love.  I promote love, I’m grateful for love and I, (although I should probably drop the ‘I’)  feel love.



12 thoughts on “A Question of Forgiveness?”

  1. Thank you, interesting to read your thoughts here, I’ve been thinking about Forgiveness too. It was only this morning I read something about Forgiveness in passing then lost it, no way to ever find it again. It was something like Forgiveness, when it is fully experienced, has a total mutuality about it. That being so, most if not all of your observations would be seen in the light of a new kind of knowledge. I find it inspiring to think of it like this and wonder what would it take to begin to apply Forgiveness in this way…

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response and sharing your own thoughts on forgiveness. I can understand the mutuality, as in forgiving we release our own pain and forgive ourselves too. I really appreciate your comment as I get totally absorbed in these questions 🙂


  2. This is very interesting hun, and I’m not sure how to answer the question you posed actually as I’ve never pondered it from this angle before…but i welcome you asking questions. We all should! So many shoulds, musts and oughts are thrust upon us, but no one ever explains fully why. How can we let one action go and hold onto another is a brilliant question. I’ll have a think and get back to you *scratching head* 😋😅😘

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  3. It’s easy to speak in platitudes and learned patterns and posit that one should be a certain way. However, life is full of dynamic situations and one, if one is also alive and dynamic, goes beyond of formulated “shoulds.” Forgiveness may be prudent, loving, and wonderful (often)… but the zebra who forgives the lion for having tried to eat him (and who approaches the lion with a loving heart) doesn’t stay a zebra for very long. Love is a precious thing; so is life! Each situation is different and each may require different actions/reactions; anyone who tells you exactly how to be or how to react… is likely very foolish. Profound love is beyond choice and free will and (for such a mind) there is no controller who bestows anything.

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    1. Hi Tom, thanks for your comment, I love the idea of the zebra and lion, yes you’re right the zebra would be foolish and dead. However if I was the zebra, I could forgive the lion for trying to eat me, I would understand he was hungry, but I would keep my distance because he is probably still as hungry. I don’t think forgiveness means you have to be foolish, I’m happy to forgive an action but keep my distance 😉
      Your right each situation in life is different and asks us to reach deep for the right response. Love is much easier 🙂


    1. Your right, love isn’t always easy but I honestly believe in it. To be loving towards another, even in times of adversity, is the best you can do. When I talk of love I talk of sending out thoughts of love. I’m lucky, I know that, brought up in a loving family, experiencing it first hand. I certainly know as a mother I love unconditionally. I suppose the best way to recognise love is to be in harmony with someone or something, take nature and the feeling it gives us, that’s love. I really appreciate your thoughts Tom and the time you have given to comment. I’m going to ponder some more on this as it’s getting late here and probably write about it tomorrow 🙂


  4. I do not think that the kindness and the injustice are actually equal. The injustice needs to be forgiven and let go because it will eat away at us, make us bitter and sick if we cannot forgive. But the kindness is valuable to remember. That memory will help us, heal us and get us through darker times.

    Excellent post, great things to ponder 🙂

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    1. Thanks Christine, that’s how I’m feeling about this idea too. It’s also a kindness to our ourselves to accept and hold onto the kindness of others. I love to ponder the complexities of life particularly when I struggle to find the answer 🙂

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