Turn Down the Volume

Turn down the volume,

take a while on your own.

Be at one with the stillness,

to find your way home.

To a place of completeness,

at one with what’s true.

It’s while in this silence,

you’ll discover who’s you.

Turn down the volume,

really listen to what’s said.

Not in any real language,

never heard in your head.

Vibrations you’ll tune into,

if your frequencies right.

From a place in the centre,

in the brightest of lights.







There are moments of awareness,

but just usually a glimpse.

My eyes wide open and I can see,

but just as quick it shrinks.

Who is the ‘I’ that sees this place,

so what part of me is real.

Why can’t my heart protect itself,

why can’t it always feel.

When I relate from ego’s mind,

my blinds are quickly drawn.

Blinded then by my humanness,

truth can never dawn.

But in these precious moments,

when the lights turned on.

I can know the truth inside,

that’s been there all along.








More and more now I am aware,

reclaiming what was mine.

the ego has been holding it,

but now, has come the time.

To practice an awareness,

being conscious of what I do,

I want to take life slowly now,

with focus on what is true.

The lessons in my unconscious,

I  mean to learn again,

making sure I got them right,

through this I can only gain.

When I look upon the world,

the colours and the sounds,

a beautiful picture is painted,

it is what my awareness has found.

I feel like I have been finely tuned,

and that I can finally see.

All the wonder of this world,

in which I can just be.