A Spark

A spark ignited in my small heart,

warming up what once was stone.

I felt it as it slowly grew inside me,

this knowing that I was not alone.

Seeing it brightly in my minds eye,

loved how far a flame could grow.

Awareness that was understanding,

and I realised that I’d always known.

A fire burning throughout my being,

was touching others along the way.

A spark that grew into a raging fire,

will keep growing throughout days.



The Rain




Today, the rain is relentless, I believe it might go on forever looking out of the window. It immobilises me, I’m stuck, I’m thoughtful, it brings all of my emotions to the surface.  

It’s funny, how in nature flowers close as if protecting their hearts from the onslaught, while at the same time needing the rain to grow. I look out at the rain and want to cry, or at least it brings up emotions.

I look at the balcony outside of my window and notice that it’s been cleaned of dust, the leaves on the plants look fresh and webs have been washed away. It reminds me that we need storms in life. 


The rain,

laughing at me through the window,

as loudly,

it taunts me.


It pours,

like the tears running from my eyes,

as heavily,

they fall.


A crash,

thundering like my broken heart,

as flashes,

light the sky.


I feel,

that pain will be cleansed by the storm,

and life, 

is restored.





How I Savour You


A smell that once adorned you,

sweetness to your skin,

I dream and see your silhouette,

a tapered waist so thin.

The sparkles in your eyes,

in pools of the deepest blue.

These memories I keep nearby,

it is how I savour you.

The moments we had together,

the laughter and the pain.

I keep them with my treasures,

as they won’t come again.

With all my senses I remember,

in my dreams you visit too.

Flashes of you so close to me,

it is how I savour you.


Savor / Savour


Body of Love

With my eyes I truly know you,

with my eyes I see your heart.

With my ears I hear your music,

A song that will always restart.

With my hand I hold your hand,

my hand can feel your touch.

With my body I adore your own,

with love that is so very much.

These eyes of mine are honest,

see your passions so very near.

These ears of mine are opening,

as your music is all they hear.

These hands of mine are gentle,

it is only your body they feel.

This body of mine is connected,

to your soul that is so very real.


My attempt at a love poem, not easy as I’m not what you call a romantic, but I thought I’d give it a go 😉


Across Forever

I’d dash across forever,

if it meant I could be with you.

Ride the wildest rapids,

in the seas of the deepest blue.

Climb the highest peek,

if I only I could find you there.

Sit upon an eagles back,

while soaring without a care.

I’d dash across forever,

to just once more see your face.

Only for a moment in time,

I would really go to any place.

Wouldn’t need to pack much,

as possessions are no good.

Be with you once more again,

just if only we really could.




Jolt of Love

It was with a jolt that I woke up,

although was I really I asleep.

Was it you that whispered my name,

 as so safe, so soft, so deep.

I cast my eyes into emptiness,

I’m silently calling your name.

Remembering you’ve gone away,

you’re not coming back again.

You linger here, I’m hanging on,

my mind is so full up of you.

But you’re elsewhere living life,

I’ve seen all the things you do.

I wish that we had worked it out,

that I could call you my man.

Sometimes in my day dreams,

I almost believe that I can.

I’m all alone without you now,

wondering if you think of me.

Are you in another dark room,

recalling how things used to be.


Daily Prompt – Jolt



Lovingly you looked at me,

as you walked out of the door.

Eyes so soft and soothing,

I’ll remember them for sure.

Lovingly you said farewell,

and you blew me one last kiss.

I thought you’d be returning,

at least that was my wish.

Lovingly I think of you now,

your never far from my mind.

A love so true and honest,

would be impossible to find.

I have your picture hanging,

on the wall just near the door.

Your loving eyes still watch me,

and they shall forevermore.


The Daily Prompt – Lovingly

Faded – DP (2)

Those silhouettes in the frame are faded now,

nearly out of sight.

Only a mixture of greys today,

where once they were black and white.

The necklace you wore on your wedding day,

just a pile of pearls.

I remember it hung round your tiny neck,

catching in your curls.

I see your handwriting on paper,

but can’t hear a voice anymore.

Listening to your favourite opera,

while focussed on keeping score.

Your fading out of my life dear,

while I’m trying to hold on tight.

Please visit with a small reminder,

come into my dreams tonight.


Daily Prompt – Faded





Lofty – DP

Take me to those lofty heights,

up there in the clouds

Where you and I can be alone,

away from all the crowds.

Sprinkle me with fairy dust

and take me by the hand.

Lead me to that special place,

in that secret wonderland.

Kiss me like your hungry,

devour me with your eyes.

Hold me tight for all eternity,

drown out all my cries.

Take me to those lofty heights,

the place where we belong.

Take me while I’m dreaming, 

that you might come along.


Responce to Daily Prompt – Lofty