Nature Lessons 114

When we live fully from the heart and allow the heart to steer the way we live in truth.  Awareness comes when we let the things that are not necessary fall away.

~ Liza



11 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 114”

      1. If that responsibility has been given to you by the heart you originated from then it’s tough to let it go since it might impact the heart you came from and end up your being.
        But the dilemma is if you continue to exhaust yourself in doing your job, it will affect your health, your being and the heart you originated from if you end your being in the process so to do the job till you retire or resign and save your being?

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      2. Only you know what is right for you and that can be found in the deepest part of you. Responsibility to others does not come into it if you are not thinking of the responsibility to yourself.
        I’ve quit a job that was making me unhappy and impacting on my health and I’ve also seen things through when my heart felt it right. Some of these things we see through are good for us in the long run. The falling away of things that are not necessary, is just that, what does not serve you. I hope you are able to make the choice that is best for you 🙂


      3. Thanks a tonne Liza 😊
        Yes I agree life is more precious than any tag and as long as you are happy and healthy the people connected to you will be happy just to see you happy and healthy
        Lots of love !!

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