There are many flowers on earth and many seasons in which to bloom.  As each flower withers and dies another springs into life somewhere else.  To experience both joy and sadness in ones life is to understand balance, the changing of seasons of life, and that each ending brings with it the potential of a new beginning.

~ Liza




As we transition into winter, 

with harsher times in store.

We hold onto our memories, 

of summer more and more.

As blossoms close for winter, 

by falling on the ground.

We know with certain surety, 

they’ll be coming back around.

For our life is a big circle, 

the message here so clear.

Hold memories of your loved ones, 

so very, very near.

For they are just around the corner, 

only around the next bend.

We will see them on the other side, 

as nothing really ever ends.

Dying Sun

And so the light is fading, the winters drawing near.

The summer sun is dimming, the days are not as clear.

I’m thankful for my summer, the joy along the way.

And now the winters drawing in, shorter are my days.

With winter comes warm fires, dying embers in the grate.

Like memories that fade away, even now when I’m awake.

But I’m thankful for the days we had, the joy along the way.

If only the summer sun would wait, for just a few more days.