Dying Sun

And so the light is fading, the winters drawing near.

The summer sun is dimming, the days are not as clear.

I’m thankful for my summer, the joy along the way.

And now the winters drawing in, shorter are my days.

With winter comes warm fires, dying embers in the grate.

Like memories that fade away, even now when I’m awake.

But I’m thankful for the days we had, the joy along the way.

If only the summer sun would wait, for just a few more days.

6 thoughts on “Dying Sun”

      1. Glad to mentioned it tho, I often have errors I don’t notice when I use it. Find that annoying tbh, but I sincerely meant the complement. I’m not given to frivolous complements either. It is most definitely sincere. If I dont have an opportunity before, hope you have a delightful weekend.

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