Death is not that bad at all,

as it helps me to be alive,

Staring death right in the face,

I know I now survive.

I’m living in the moment,

who knows if I’ll get more,

I live today for what it is,

not caring what’s in store.

Future days may not exist,

if it’s today I’m due to die.

Is tomorrow really relevant,

if so I can’t think why?



Daily Prompt – Clock


Open yourself up to the glory of today, connect to the energy of the here and now

Let the echoing tic tocks of yesterday’s memories, just be still somehow

Be not wading in the past or pushing for the future but rather here in the moment

Know that yesterday sleeps and tomorrow will wake only when time has spoken

Experience the now, not the shadow of the past or haze of what’s yet to come

Stop watching the clock, dispense with time and be present in the lives of everyone