Watching the News?

I wasn’t watching the news, now I am, I’m stuck between not wanting to absorb all the hate in the world and living in ignorance while others are suffering. Living in my own little world of rose petals might be good for my soul but it doesn’t give me the opportunity to care about the souls of others.

I get it, I’m going to bed depressed again because of the world we live in, but I can’t turn it off because I live here too. It’s no use pretending I’m going to sit in my own little zen garden all day while there are people out there suffering because by the time I open the garden gate it might be too late.

I have to be careful what I take in, I know the news is full of trash. I also know we all live in our own personal echo chambers dependant of what side we sit with but I won’t ignore it anymore. ¬†I talk about loving each other a lot in my writing, it’s something I live by and believe that love is the answer, so therefore I can’t shut myself off, after all where is the love in that?