Layers of the Universe


There are many layers to this universe,

we only live in one.

The others remain unseen to us,

maybe hidden by our sun.

There are fundamental principles,

dictating what we can see.

I’m wondering if it’s just the same,

for the flowers and the trees.

Do they see the nuances,

the waves between the light.

Do they show their beauty,

to things that are out of sight.

Can they see the others,

that walk between our thoughts.

Can they hear the music,

that bounces as we talk.

Our minds make sure it’s kept away,

trained by us you see.

That’s the subtle difference,

between a human and a tree.

We think too much to ever see,

the beauty that’s around.

There’s far more than we’ll ever know,

between the sky and ground.

An energetic field of light,

dances but yet unseen.

Some might see the flashes,

the purples and the greens.

Close your eyes and look some more,

shut out that blocking mind.

There’s far more in the universe,

but we’re only humankind.