I had a dream last night that I was given a message that I would die today, it was written in the peal of an orange, but that’s beside the point. 

It was a strange dream, I went from one scene to the next and it was all mixed up as dreams are. I was myself and I was someone else, I looked out of my eyes and watched myself at the same time. I received a parcel full of gifts, letters from people I know and don’t, thanking me for helping them, some of the things I wasn’t aware of doing. There were presents too, a camera, lots of things wrapped up, gifts I didn’t get time to open before waking and an orange telling me today is the day you die. 

My sister was with me in the dream, she walked beside me. She’s staying with me at the moment, she arrived late last night. Now I think this is just the weirdest dream but laying in bed this morning, it made me think, what if it was my last day and how would I spend it.

I sort of wanted to get out of bed and be the nicest version of myself I could be, give my sister a lovely day. I thought in my blurry still half asleep state, it’s a good job I know, I can make sure all my choices are right, I won’t waste time on anything.

Funny how we waste so much time, we waste others time too in not living life to the full. In not saying how we feel, or doing what we say.

I’m not too sensible, I sleep with the phone beside my bed frying my brain, but I picked it up to look at the time and it opened on a ‘new post’ page. I thought I would share my dream, share an opportunity.

Now I hope none of us are going to die today, but wouldn’t it be great if we all made it the day we might, say the things we mean and do those things we say. A day of in case, because for a number of people in the world it will be. 

Take time today to tell people how we feel, say thank you and make that call we always mean to make. Look around as if we are leaving, does the housework really need to be done today.

Imagine leaving the world and thinking why did I waste time, when I had so little of it left. I don’t want to waste time today, not that I think I will die, I know it was just a weird dream, but because any day I might and one day I will!



31 thoughts on “Today”

  1. To me the fact it was on orange peel signifies that you have peeled away the final layer of resistance and death signifies new beginnings. A fantastic dream have a wonderful weekend Liza πŸ€—

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      1. When I went through my worst time I was an onion 😳peeling layers back to find me again. Trust you to be an orange πŸ™„


  2. Long live Liza! Your too special to leave this earth as yet. The day will come. Having said that, it’s very true. We waste time on making sure our home is immaculate when clean will do. Waste time on inconsequential stuff instead of spending it with those we love and your right saying what needs to be said. I love you being most important of all, giving a loved one or dear friend a quick hug. I hope your day with your sister is extra special. Your life is busy with change and perhaps it’s a sign that change is here and it can be like dying when you leave everything familiar and your used to and taking on something brand new. Out with the old in with the new, death to all that was, bringing life to all that is new!

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    1. You know, you’re really special. Lovely comments and messages all the time! I had a lovely day, I lived and everyone has gone to bed with a smile on their face!!! We did it and we’ll do it again tomorrow πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜


  3. That was a weird dream but it was also very thought provoking. I went to a wake today for a man who collapsed with a heart attack. His heart had been fully checked last year and seemed OK. The lovely thing was his family said that he had spoken to his grand children and his son shortly before and told them he loved them.

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