I Watched..

I watched myself walk out of the sea, I watched as I drew closer, a mass of water but indisputably me. I recognised myself and recognised the others that also walked from the sea, not as people I knew, but as beings all the same.

The sea was rising up to join the land, the sea was coming home to join us. We could do nothing but watch as the sea walked on in.

I met myself and merged as one with the sea, I became whole. I understood that I had been part of the sea all along, my need to be beside it was because it was part of me. The sea was not just a body of water it was alive, living and part of all of us, the part that we left behind at some point in the past. For the first time in my life, I felt complete, I felt awake and I knew.

How long had we been separated, lifetimes, since land broke away, lifetimes since we were truly ourselves. Why parts of us had left was unclear, but they were home, we were once again ourselves. We could feel as the water spilled in, feel as it flushed out the forgotten, feel as it replenished.

People continue to walk from the sea, they flow into land in search of themselves.


This was my dream last night, I look out to sea today from my balcony in wonder!

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