Not Ever Finite

The possibilities out there are infinite,

not finite in any way.

There’s always something coming up,

in surprises every day. 

It’s just a matter of having awareness,

being open to truth.

Seeing beyond the boundaries of time,

to be a bit of a sleuth.

Recognising what you are given today,

being open for more.

You were placed here to achieve success,

treasure is in store.

Just think of the spiritual being you are,

finite is not a word.

If you came here with a hidden purpose,

limits are so absurd.




16 thoughts on “Not Ever Finite”

  1. Hi Liza,

    Happy Birthday to you. I hope you will enjoy this special day and savour all the pleasures that it brings your way. I still remembered our conversations last year and how you travelled on this day last year… I hope you are happy and in a joyous mood this day. I celebrate you and wish you well. Have a wonderful day and God bless your new age. Big hugs, dear blogger friend.

    Click on the link and let’s celebrate this special day. 🙂

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    1. I wish there was a love button option as I love your beautiful poem, that you remembered and thought of me and that I have you as a blogging friend. Thank you so much and may your birthday be as special my Virgo friend xxx


      1. Aawww… I almost cried reading through this message. It’s heartwarming and I am so delighted. I could feel your honest words and the surprise in this lovely words. I’m truly happy you liked the post. I wrote down your date after our conversation last year… And I never forgot. I had a wonderful birthday. All fun yesterday. And I’m glad you enjoyed your special day too. May we both experience a bounty of blessings in this new age of our lives. Thanks Dear Liza. ❤❤

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      2. So pleased you had a wonderful birthday too. So lovely of you to remember mine, I think being so close and Virgos was one of our first chats and I remembered too, but your surprise really made my day xxx


  2. A little bird in a previous comment let the cat out of the bag (as I was about to compliment your writing) … Happy Birthday LizaLiza, hope all is tranquil and content in your world x

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