The Light

When we walk into that light,

do you think it’s like our sun.

And as we’re drawn towards it,

do we know our life is done.

What makes us keep on walking,

is it shadows that we see.

When is it we know who they are,

and will they recognise me.

How does that bright light get here,

to take us home again.

When we walk into the light,

do we leave behind any pain.

I hear there’s some that come back,

but they can change a lot.

They’ve seen it on the other side,

I think they get the plot. 

When we walk into the light,

do we know where we’re are.

I wonder what the light is like,

do you think it takes us far.




Dreaming of the Light


Is it dark in heaven, does anybody know?  I can’t imagine it is ever dark up there, or wherever the there may be.  I have read the stories of people who have travelled there and returned after being cast out to continue thier lives and you won’t find anyone who arrived in the dark.  They, the returned, mostly talk of a bright light, a warmth and of being greated by those that went before them and stayed.  You never hear of anyone who had to turn the light on when they arrived or needed a match.

I think that is why we might be a littled frightened of the dark, especially as children.  Darkness is particular to our existence here, it is put here to show us the difference between heaven and earth.  I think it is supposed to be unnerving until we realise there is really nothing to it, only what we create with our imaginations.  I think of my childhood dreams, of being chased by monsters and such, who never really existed in the light of day.

On the other side, whatever or wherever it is, I have heard the colours are supposed to be so bright, like nothing we have ever seen.  It all appears to be full of brightness and colour  and there are not any dark corners, darkness does not exist, well not in anything I have read.  And then I think of my dreams,  I dream in colour, sometimes wonderful colours.  I don’t remember ever dreaming of the dark, I wonder where I am going.

My dreams are created by me, by my subconscious to to give me a message, help me work something out or teach me something.  I sometimes wonder if I’m travelling beyond this world in my dreams, I do think there is a connection here somewhere. I do have disturbing dreams, big empty rooms, I often miss aeroplanes and I have been naked but I think these are just things I’m working through.

I dream of people that have passed on and sometimes they feel so real, they hug me and I wake up crying.  Other times they are just there in my dream and I think created by me as I am missing them and trying to find them.  Because I have people that live there, I believe in another place even if it only accessible at the moment through my dreams.

I’m not afraid of the dark now because it’s just made up of fear and not knowing.  I try look into the depth of it and try and find the light and colour there, because I know it is there, my people are there.  If it is true that spirits or whatever you call them, are here but exist beyond our sight or understanding, then we should if we look really closely be able to find them in the light, right?

I’m gong to continue to search for the light in my dreams and while I’m awake, I want to understand it.  Sometimes when awake I see little specks of colour, shiny dust I think of it as and it sprinkles around the room.  At night I see the same little specks moving around in the dark.  I do sometimes think I might be getting there speck by speck  but for now it’s only a dream.