Nature Lessons 89

We have many different sides to our personalities, we show these different sides of us depending on our relationship and desires.  There is the warmth and softness we show to those we love, the fruitfulness we show to attract and pull people in towards us and the more protective front we use to cover up or slip away from those we are not so comfortable with.  There are complexities to our  individual personality traits, they change with the seasons and are dependant on our needs at any one time.  A good thing to bare in mind is that whilst we are displaying one aspect of ourselves, we never know who else might be watching and absorbing what we are putting out from somewhere else in the garden.  

~ Liza



9 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 89”

  1. I love this. and the picture 🙂
    I also thought of what we are feeling and how that impacts what we’re putting out there. Feeling tired or stressed has us behaving a certain way wouldn’tcha say?! I’ve already had way too much sugar tonight all because I feel tired. 😦 Boo!

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  2. I agree, and also think even within one action or side of self there lay many facets. There are dark and egotistical sides to my love for my sisters because I worry if I do not attract their attention, I will not be able to protect them from danger because they won’t as readily take my advice ( but this assumes I always have the answers, which I don’t.) There is a needy side to my acts of charity, because in the best ones I find atonement for past mistakes and cruelties (but it’s not meant to be about me.) I wonder if shedding our dark sides is possible, or natural. I’m not sure it is. Human is what human does, and vice versa. But, then, I also wonder if our kindness and light is any less because of whatever shadow may be underneath it?

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    1. Interesting perspective you add, yes there are many facets to each action. You give a good example in the worry and overprotectiveness of loving and caring, I recognise this as a mother. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  3. Spectrum of light scatters with different hues from one source, the ‘I’. According to different situations intensity and becomes more pronounced. But let’s not be in the mirrored cage and allow the ‘I’ to absorb the eternal light of the right intensity to illuminate the world around us. 🙂

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