New Day

Each sunset a goodbye, 

each sunrise a greeting.

Dawn bringing with her, 

the gentlest of meetings. 

Adue with one hand, 

the other one waves.

Experiencing new, 

treasure what’s saved.

Cherishing memories, 

but not to the point.

Another won’t fit in, 

new souls to anoint.

Starting the sentence, 

with a capital letter.

A poem of new love,

what could be better.

Painting a portrait,

high in the sky.

That talks of my passion,

to those passing by.

The start of a symphony,

on gentle strings.

Opening to adventure,

a new day begins.



At break of dawn you leave me, I’m alone again so soon

Once more the vacant feeling, spills into the room.

As the night turns into morning, you bid me farewell 

That you ever were truly here, is impossible to tell

That’s how my life is working now, I have you while asleep 

As daytime comes you go again, into my memories deep

I won’t complain out loud my love, I want you to return

I need you close at night with me, while grief I try to learn.

One day I understand dear, I’ll have to sleep alone

When I get a little stronger, understand the empty home

I’m not asking for eternity, but please stay a little while

It’s only in my sleeping time, that you bring me back my smile

Start of Day

She rose once more from the blackness

Night screamed silently as she left

Dawn jumped and leaped up to greet her

Knocking the birds from their nests

Flowers woke from their slumber

Opening petals to greet the day

Animals bowed to her majesty

For she’s keeping winter at bay

She climbed to the height of angels

Soft clouds cushioning her steps

She shone down on all of creation

She will stay there until she sets.