Start of Day

She rose once more from the blackness

Night screamed silently as she left

Dawn jumped and leaped up to greet her

Knocking the birds from their nests

Flowers woke from their slumber

Opening petals to greet the day

Animals bowed to her majesty

For she’s keeping winter at bay

She climbed to the height of angels

Soft clouds cushioning her steps

She shone down on all of creation

She will stay there until she sets. 

16 thoughts on “Start of Day”

      1. I am sure something will. Last night I get the feeling that this guide can’t speak to me, but I had to watch for something unusual! Then I was dreaming that I had an email and it said something that I can’t remember in the header, I had the ah ah moment. As soon as I lay down in bed tonight it will come back to me 🙄😳🙃

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