A Question of Empathy

Can you find it in yourself,

to wear another mans shoes.

Walk the path he’s trodden,

experience his moods.

Can you empathise with him,

understand his woes. 

Does it help you if you see, 

the way he chose to go.

Do you have an ability,

to show you care, that’s all.

offer genuine sympathy,

without setting out your stall.

Can you manage feelings,

that come as an onslaught.

Think upon it sensitively,

not refer to rules life’s taught.

Can you respond without reacting,

thinking carefully.

Offering sound guidance,

without transferring to ‘me’.

Can you really listen,

and respond to what you hear.

Can you be of real help,

are you able to persevere.






24 thoughts on “A Question of Empathy”

    1. Thanks my love, I try to. No, actually I pick up emotions really easily, some I don’t necessarily want but I’m happy if I can help someone. Nothing worse than people who don’t have a clue how your feeling and just pay lip service xxx

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      1. That’s true, fake empathy you can spot a mile off. To be able to empathise sincerely is a great asset which makes you highly valued as a friend 😘 Xx

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