How do we Care?

I can’t stand all the pain in the world right now, the terror and hopelessness, the atrocities happening each and every moment and the suffering. I can’t stand to watch it on the news, but I do. I read the reports on the internet and listen to speeches, I empathise, or do I?

This is what I hate, I hate the fact that I can watch something, see the crying faces of children, see starvation and fear and yet turn the TV off and think about what I’m having for dinner. How can I think about what I’m having for dinner when so many people don’t have dinner, don’t even have the water they need to survive. I look at my bed and think the sheets need changing, the sheets need changing on my big comfortable and stylish bed. And you know what I iron those bloody sheets too because it wouldn’t be good enough to put them on the bed un-ironed!

What is wrong with me, is my brain not working as it should, when I see horror, why does it not stay, why does it not hold me and prevent me from enjoying life. Why does it not bring into perspective how bloody rich I am and why on earth do I still think I need more than I have right now?

I’ve asked around about, it seems others are the same, maybe our brains are not wired to take in the suffering of others if we are not involved or it does not affect anyone we care about. Am I right, I’d be interested in your thoughts because I’m not feeling that good about myself?

I wonder if this is how we protect ourselves, is it our conscious mind telling us it’s nothing to do with us. Don’t get me wrong, I do what I can to help, I donate, I share a message and I discuss what’s going on in the world, I show I care what’s happening to others and I pray too.

What more can I do, it’s not feasible for me to get on a plane and fly out and help. I would probably be of no use, I’m too old, too inexperienced and I’d probably be useless anyway.

That’s it I feel useless, I feel helpless and I feel awful about my feelings when I should be feeling awful for others. I wish that wishes worked, I wish I could make it all better, I wish I could heal the world, but I can’t and I will have to put up with my feelings for now and hope and pray for a better and more loving world.



Muddled Emotions


I hate it your so angry,

well that’s what you think it is.

you’re struggling to cope right now,

and really in a tis.

As I watch you wound up like a ball,

just about to burst,

You don’t know how to manage it,

and coping with the worst.

I wish that you could understand,

what is really going on,

your thinking that it’s anger,

I’m sorry but you are wrong.

What I see in you is absolute pain,

with a sadness deep inside,

but you can’t acknowledge it,

this might be your pride.

If you could recognise the feeling,

bring it up and say hello,

it might start the healing process,

and might help the emotion go.

But while you stay in angry mode,

with walls built high around.

It’s hard for me to help you see,

it’s sadness that we’ve found.


Border – DP

I think I’m on the border, with a new world just in sight.

I’ve traveled here so many times, but it’s usually at night.

It’s a place of joy and friendship, where only love resides.

A place where everybody knows, there’s no reason to take sides.

It’s taken a while to get here, the people didn’t agree.

With what I thought was obvious, but seemed to be only me.

This place is full of empathy, we look but we don’t judge.

Emotions are never buried deep, in piles of messy sludge.

There’s a pathway around this new world, lined with flowers bright.

Encircling this wonderful place, a signpost if you like.

We’re open on what we are thinking, we know that we’ll be heard.

That anyone would laugh at us, is really quite absurd.

But this is just my imagination, we haven’t got there yet.

I’m just standing on the border, trying hard not to forget.

A Question of Empathy

Can you find it in yourself,

to wear another mans shoes.

Walk the path he’s trodden,

experience his moods.

Can you empathise with him,

understand his woes. 

Does it help you if you see, 

the way he chose to go.

Do you have an ability,

to show you care, that’s all.

offer genuine sympathy,

without setting out your stall.

Can you manage feelings,

that come as an onslaught.

Think upon it sensitively,

not refer to rules life’s taught.

Can you respond without reacting,

thinking carefully.

Offering sound guidance,

without transferring to ‘me’.

Can you really listen,

and respond to what you hear.

Can you be of real help,

are you able to persevere.






Sending Love


I’m sending love across at you, it’s painfully clear to see.
That you need help, to be wrapped up, by someone more than me.

Your terrified of looking up, your posture tells me so.
I guess your really struggling and wanting to let go.

We’re in the doctors waiting room, and there’s another three, 
I hope they call you in soon, you can go in front of me.

I want to cry at what I feel, your pain is clearly deep.
Your eyes, your face, the whole of you, it makes me want to weep.

I pray that you will smile again, I pray you will survive, 
I know this isn’t any way for one to be alive.

I hope the doctors helpful, that he doesn’t send you off,
without the building blocks you need, to hold yourself aloft.

I wrote this after visiting the doctors this morning.  I saw this guy there and my heart went out to him.  I was thinking if everybody who reads this attempt at poetry sends him a bit of love it might just help.  If it creates a picture in your mind, then maybe with love, it can create healing and recovery for him.   I live in Brighton, Sussex so imagine him there and send your love.  Thanks x