Border – DP

I think I’m on the border, with a new world just in sight.

I’ve traveled here so many times, but it’s usually at night.

It’s a place of joy and friendship, where only love resides.

A place where everybody knows, there’s no reason to take sides.

It’s taken a while to get here, the people didn’t agree.

With what I thought was obvious, but seemed to be only me.

This place is full of empathy, we look but we don’t judge.

Emotions are never buried deep, in piles of messy sludge.

There’s a pathway around this new world, lined with flowers bright.

Encircling this wonderful place, a signpost if you like.

We’re open on what we are thinking, we know that we’ll be heard.

That anyone would laugh at us, is really quite absurd.

But this is just my imagination, we haven’t got there yet.

I’m just standing on the border, trying hard not to forget.

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