It’s a bit like chasing shiny buttons,

or finding stones with holes

within that tiny glimmer of certain luck,

our lives they can revolve.

Oh, to find the rainbows end,

as from children we are told,

there’ll sure to be a goblin standing there,

with a pot of gold.

What about the lottery,

and the millions we can win.

To have a chance of all that cash

need to make sure we’re in.

I’m turning the top card over,

to tell me what will be.

Can the tarot really answer,

does it connect with me.

Are we missing out on treasures,

around us in every way,

When we set our sights so far afield,

are we loosing out today.

So I might just stop my searching,

be content with what I’ve got

As when it boils right down to it,

I think I have the lot.


I wrote this for fun after buying my 130 million euro lottery ticket for tonight 😉

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