Optimistically Depressed



The super moon is on its way,

and it always brings a test.

A feeling has come over me,

it’s optimistically depressed.

The moon you see controls the tides

and I have water in me.

I feel the pull as it rolls out,

that’s when the sadness hits me.

But tides they turn, come back again,

I’m skipping up and down.

From tears to laughter in a flash,

then smiling to a frown.

I wish this week would hurry up,

I want it over soon.

For one moment I’m excited,

then I’m howling at the moon.



What is the Point?

Sometimes we ask ourselves what is the point, everything appears futile, pointless, we loose all motivation, we’re down on ourselves.  At times like these I try and remind myself, it’s okay to have these feelings as long as they don’t become a larger part of who I am.

It’s important to recognise our feelings, allow them in and sit with them if we are going to be able to understand them and move them on.  Life is full of ups and downs and we have to take the rough with the smooth.  If was life was full of joy all the time how would we know when to celebrate, how would we know what joy feels like.

We have to believe that all things will pass, look back and know that nothing ever came to us without reason.  Everything that happens is destined, it’s all part of the greater plan and sometimes that requires a bit of a shake up.  This is the point you see, the point we were questioning and the answer is we need to be exactly where we are right now, because only now leads us into tomorrow.

~ Liza


Without Hope

I’m feeling very frightened, 

I am very much alone.

I’m still willing you to call me, 

I’m sitting by the phone.

I’m feeling like I’m falling, 

without the wings to fly.

The dreams I had are fading now, 

it’s time to say goodbye.

Darkness is approaching fast,

I watch the fading light.

Hopelessness is rising, 

drawing closer with the night.

Do I really ever matter,

is anybody there.

I have to snap right out of this,

but did you ever really care.

I’m just considering my value, 

to anybody now.

Come dawn maybe I’ll rise again,

If the gods allow.




Sometimes I hang right off the moon, 

it drips right down my back.

Swallows fly through muted colours, 

to where the day turns black.

The curtains close on any wonder, 

loosing sight of what’s good.

I argu with my conscious mind, 

feeling so misunderstood.

But then I wake as if from death, 

the sun is shining so brightly.

I jump up from my blackness, 

dance out into the world so lightly.

Butterflies in multi colours, 

fanning me with their wings.

The world so bright and shiny, 

is it happiness that rings.

I look upon these mood changes,

as the black and white of life.

Like morning is to nighttime,

and happiness to strife.

For the most part I am positive,

I get nine out of ten.

The sadness, rare but visits,

Shame I don’t know when.

Sending Love


I’m sending love across at you, it’s painfully clear to see.
That you need help, to be wrapped up, by someone more than me.

Your terrified of looking up, your posture tells me so.
I guess your really struggling and wanting to let go.

We’re in the doctors waiting room, and there’s another three, 
I hope they call you in soon, you can go in front of me.

I want to cry at what I feel, your pain is clearly deep.
Your eyes, your face, the whole of you, it makes me want to weep.

I pray that you will smile again, I pray you will survive, 
I know this isn’t any way for one to be alive.

I hope the doctors helpful, that he doesn’t send you off,
without the building blocks you need, to hold yourself aloft.

I wrote this after visiting the doctors this morning.  I saw this guy there and my heart went out to him.  I was thinking if everybody who reads this attempt at poetry sends him a bit of love it might just help.  If it creates a picture in your mind, then maybe with love, it can create healing and recovery for him.   I live in Brighton, Sussex so imagine him there and send your love.  Thanks x