Sometimes I hang right off the moon, 

it drips right down my back.

Swallows fly through muted colours, 

to where the day turns black.

The curtains close on any wonder, 

loosing sight of what’s good.

I argu with my conscious mind, 

feeling so misunderstood.

But then I wake as if from death, 

the sun is shining so brightly.

I jump up from my blackness, 

dance out into the world so lightly.

Butterflies in multi colours, 

fanning me with their wings.

The world so bright and shiny, 

is it happiness that rings.

I look upon these mood changes,

as the black and white of life.

Like morning is to nighttime,

and happiness to strife.

For the most part I am positive,

I get nine out of ten.

The sadness, rare but visits,

Shame I don’t know when.

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