To Reflect on Life

Reflecting on life can assist us in seeing and making sense of past events. Sometimes when we look again, things change shape, they are not always how we remember them. To look back is to be able to look forward in a way, because if we are unable to reflect it’s unlikely we can plan effectively. 

Reflection is helpful when we have unanswered questions, are traumatised or blocked by experience, have false memories or maybe carrying baggage we need to let go of.

My lovely blogging friend tells me she likes to just be, that’s fine and good for her because she has probably made sense of herself and doesn’t have any unanswered questions. We would all like to be like her I’m sure, having made sense of the past I can’t think of much else apart from just being. 

Oh hang on what about planning, making sure we are on the right path, doing the right thing and making the most out of life. How will we really know when it’s right to just be!!

Whatever the answer, on reflection, I feel it is probably right, as long as we work from the heart, because everything starts there. 



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