Take on Life

Is it the camera or the eye that takes the photo, is it the scene or the observer that creates the magic?

I think that perhaps each photograph holds a little of the photographer, it captures a moment that only they witnessed, in a way it captures their soul. It certainly captures how they see life, what speaks to them and through their photography, they speak to us.

As we walk through life we come across many scenes, many stories to be told. It is the observer that connects, it is the observer that tells the story in whatever art form, they are the channel.

Does the flower open for the photographer, scene unfold for the painter and move for the writer, poet or dancer. Are we capturing moments or are they simply occurring just for us.

I feel nature talks to us, it gives us messages, it teaches and if we feel we understand those messages, we capture them and pass them on. Photos are like memories, they capture moments in time, they take us back and add beauty to the world on a cloudy day. Photos like any other stories are quite simply our take on life.



I really don’t know much at all about photography, all my shots are taken on my trusty iPhone, I’m just pondering the question that maybe you can answer ūüôā





I’m giving up my body

and passing you my mind,

I want to be possessed by you

my soul I’m trying to find.

Please use my hand and paint a scene,

by opening up my heart.

Write poetry that lights a fire,

I’m ready now to start.

Or use my voice, speak through me,

the words I do not know.

Blend the colours of my heart

for the creation of my soul.

I’m leaving here, there’s space for you,

my mind is open now.

Exist through me, live through me,

possess and show me how.



Expert – DP

You are extremely professional,

an expert in your game.

Your clearly far superior,

to the others who do the same.

You are an artist in your craft,

artworks are like no other.

So can you play the game of life,

be at one with one another?


Your works of art astounding,

they prove to be the best.

Professionally speaking now,

you pass on every test.

Your flying high on all counts,

so far in front of me.

But will you share what you have,

for all the world to see?


People crowd to hear you,

file to get your book,

Your name is in the media,

everybody looks.

Your time is not for nothing,

you command a mighty fee.

But when it comes to those in need,

will you give yourself for free?


In response the The Daily Prompt – Expert