Me Bitter?

I’m not bitter,

that it could have been me.

For not one tiny second,

now don’t you see.


I’m raging inside,

although you can’t tell.

No one can see,

that I’m living in hell.


It was a bitter pill,

the day I let you win.

As it’s only for me,

that you now have him.


You’re sweetness and light,

yes I can see,

too much sugar,

he could of had me.


You’ll bore him to tears

with your ideas,

I would have amused him

for many a year.



never helped put things right.

you won him fair,

I’ll give up the fight.



By the way this is a joke post, it didn’t happen!



Being bitter over things does us absolutely no good at all, in fact it’s harmful, it eats us up inside and can potentially make us ill. ┬áIt’s proven that stress causes illness, I’ve seen this first hand and I’m sure bitterness, spite, anger and any negative emotions will do the same.

If we are what we think, then it makes sense that negative emotions will have a negative affect on our bodies. Probably more than that, how many things do we carry from life to life, pain and unresolved issues that cause difficulty in this life, block us from moving forward.

In one of my past life regressions I saw myself as a young vibrant woman, full of passion. I moved on in that life to the point of her death and saw an old bitter and twisted woman. I don’t know any more about what happened in that life, but I saw that bitterness did her no good. I had no time for the old woman, although one of my past lives, I felt detached and if I’m honest, repulsed. Maybe that’s why in this life I don’t like bitterness, maybe I learnt my lesson but maybe again I didn’t.

Recently a friend let me down, someone I thought I could rely on and although I had many more friends around me supporting me, I couldn’t help but feel a little bitter. My mind kept jumping to this person, I kept thinking about their broken promises, lies they had told, and you know it didn’t do me any good, it ate me up. Luckily I recognise this quickly and let it go, I sent out love and good wishes.

We are what we think, if bitter, then we are bitter inside and that’s not a nice thought. I’d much rather be full of love and happiness so that’s what I choose to give out. Imagine for a moment the difference between bitterness and love, can you see the difference when you visualise the two, are you with me?

We are and grow into what we think and do, it’s important to keep this in mind. Squash any negative thoughts as they surface, acknowledge and understand them but don’t hold on to them. If people do us harm send them love because it is by far the stronger emotion.

There is a time and a place for bitterness and for me the only bitterness that’s worth trying is bitter lemon in your gin or any recipe with lemon, dark chocolate or another bitter ingredient complimented by something sweet!