It’s hidden from the thinking mind,

in a place that’s so far out of reach.

Hidden away beyond all chatter,

in silence behind mundane speech.

It’s not hidden from a true seeker,

though never reached with words.

In realms of clarity and vision,

in vastness of being we’re heard.

In discovering authenticity,

not in temples built by our minds.

We climb up the steps to divinity,

with falseness left far behind.




The Richness of Being Without

It could be said it’s easier to be true to yourself when you don’t have much in life. Your not concerned with loss of wealth because you have little to loose, nor are you concerned with reputation because nobody really notices or knows you. 

When you can just be yourself with little regard for material objects or social expectations, I think that might be as close to truly authentic as a person can get. Living as true to ourselves as possible without being swayed by others or the demands of society, maybe that’s when we find the answers.

It’s a funny thing, that when we let go of the rules, live in truth and love, we naturally draw people to us for the right reasons. They draw closer because of their interest, because they want some of this love, they want to understand it and reach a place of happiness and contentment too. People are funny creatures, they continue to want what they don’t have, not realising not having is often the path for which they are searching.


Nature Lessons 83

When we are able to connect to ourselves, understand our own workings and sometimes imperfections, we are far more able to connect with others.  When we recognise and accept the feelings that are at our very core, allow them to be part of who we are without shame or fear we live in truth.  We naturally relate to others and through understanding and compassion our networks widen, we become authentic.

~ Liza




The Truth

There is something present inside me,

that cannot be falsified.

I do admit as my younger self ,

I pushed it right down inside.

What was inside kept hidden away,

I would never let come out.

Eventually giving  into it,

on realising what life was about.

I’m open now,

I can’t help myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Those who know say I always was,

the toughness make-believe.

I can’t keep it in if I’m feeling it,

to do so would just be to deny.

Before I know it’s out of my mouth,

I sometimes ask myself why.

In writing I’m told I’m vulnerable,

in showing myself to you.

But what the point of writing,

if your saying what’s not true.

I talk of love, the purpose of life,

of what it means to me.

In my writing I show honesty,

it’s what I want you to see.

Nature Lessons 53

A flower opens up and becomes itself, it does not imitate or follow others.  Each petal as it unfolds creates and shapes the flower. Of the same species but individual in their beauty and flaws. The flower tells us we need to be true to ourselves if we wish to shine and bloom into the amazing individuals we have the potential to be.

~ Liza