It lies dormant,

sleeping, resting, being without being.

It waits, waits until it’s called to rise,

called to make right.


It’s under the sea,

so deep our imaginations cannot take us there,

but it’s there amid the darkest depths,

the being.


And when it rises

it will not be missed,

there is not a soul who will not feel the tremor,

sense with every sense,


It that will come,

that will restore through the destruction of the false,

it that shows the infinite

and unfathomable.


Truth beyond truth,

crashing on through the established,

castles of lies, towers of deceit

mountains of material,




through breaking down of all that is false,

clarity for those that can see

and then back to the sea.



An experiment ūüėČ









My thoughts lay dormant,

I drift away,

I roll away on a breath.

My heart slowing down,

I close my eyes,

my essence is much less.

A deepening into being,

I come to be,

on every single breath.

Dormant on the outside,

the ‘I’ to bed,

time for my soul to rest.