The Gate


There is a gate just up ahead,

a gate we might pass through.

A gate that leads to awakening,

understanding of what we do.

The gate is by no means simple,

it’s quite intricate in every way.

It’s not a case of just opening it,

only opening on the right day.

The day we see the golden key,

knowing how it fits in the lock.

We don’t just stumble upon a key,

but find it by taking stock. 

The gate then opens itself out wide,

but will we walk on through.

As once we make a decision to go,

we must live a life that is true.




6 thoughts on “The Gate”

      1. In my head it was a metaphorical gate representing internal transformation, which is why I made the comment, but I see from the photo there is also quite literally, a gate. 🙂

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