Looking out my window, it is so clear that you are there,

whipping the trees like custard, a tile flying in the air.

birds have flown to outwit you, or hiding in the trees,

hard rain washing windows, though it’s difficult to see.

Who knew a storm was coming, did the weatherman lie,

did you sneak up from nowhere, to take us by surprise.

Bang, and the bin fell over, the garbage is doing a dance

will you be gone by lunchtime, is there the slightest chance?



Daily Prompt – Storm!


A storm in my mind and wind through my soul

Gales blowing through, destroying what’s old

Washing the particles, that are no longer me.

An explosion of laughter, I love what I see.

A tempestuous bang and an almighty crack

My surroundings light up, it’s not an attack

I clearly see now, through the eye of the storm

Those outdated attachments, I no longer adorn

The currents are settling, the swell it subsides

The emotions I had, washed out with the tides

Turbulence vanished, a smooth ride in sight

It’s all now a memory, I move on with my life.