I’m as Focused as I’ll Ever Be..

I’m as focused as I’ll ever be,

but that not much you see.

I’d rather be wondering slowly,

than to move fast from A to B.

I’m not a fan of planning,

I’d rather just do as I please.

To be focused you need to focus,

and it doesn’t appeal to me.

I can concentrate a little,

on the things that I like to do.

Like creating something special,

I might even give it to you.

Focus isn’t a word I like,

it reminds me too much of school.

As if I look to far in front,

I might miss this moments jewel.




I Won’t Dash

No I won’t dash to get there,

I will savour everyday.

Walk slowly through my life,

listen to what it will say.

Be present in each moment,

I won’t let time slip by.

Even those nasty challenges,

I’ll do my best and try.

No I won’t dash to get there,

watch and wait my turn.

With so much to experience,

so much here to learn.

I’ll keep my eyes wide open,

to see what there is to see.

Listen to mother nature,

to know what it is to just be.