A Scary Poem


It’s with silent trepidation,

I climb slowly to the top.

Warning creeks behind me,

will my heart just stop.

The turning of my stomach,

I’m feeling every churn.

A cold hand on my shoulder,

is tempting me to turn.

Now my hands upon the latch,

as if it’s in suspension.

A heaviness across my brow,

displays all this tension.

I cannot press my finger down,

to open up the lock.

Beyond the door there’s terror,

I cannot take a shock.

I close my eyes and turn again,

just in case their there.

And very gently step down now,

feeling for the stair.

My hand is upon the bannister,

my heart went on before.

When I hear a gentle creaking,

the opening of the door.


Daily Prompt – Churn


Vanish #2


 With the snuffing of the candle,

darkness walks into the room.

A fine crack in the doorframe,

permits the misty gloom.

A figure lingers in the void,

not known upon this earth.

It’s sucking in all happiness,

any joyfulness and mirth.

A wail’s heard in the distance,

oh such an agonising cry.

All arms and legs are frozen,

can’t move them if we try.

Too late we understand now,

darkness has taken hold.

We should have taken more heed,

of stories that were told.

A witch who returns at Christmas,

after she was banished.

Following any darkness here,

they find the children vanish

Eerie – DP ;-)

I have an eerie feeling,

a feeling I can’t shake,

a cold draft wraps around me,

one my heart can’t take.

I look into the mirror,

to see who stands behind,

a misty figures lurking there,

or is it of my mind.

It looks as if it’s shrouded,

a hand is reaching near, 

trapped here with this awfulness,

although it isn’t clear.

I hold my breath and close my eyes,

a scream is deep inside,

a putrid smell in the air,

it smells like something died.

What happens now is terrifying,

the figures moving nearer.

She’ll get you too, I promise,

when you look into that mirror.



The Witch


Down deep into the forest, she walked within the trees,

a hooded cloak of deepest black, sways around her knees.

Collecting herbs and berries, a special potion to make,

one that will succeed this time, she has a spell to break.

Foxes cowered as she past, birds stayed in their nests,

no one walked these woods alone, crows the only guests.

A baby rabbit, not knowing, was swiped by her clawed hand,

she didn’t feel remorse at all, she believed it was her land.

The witch continues walking, through woods and over steams,

be careful to avoid her, as she has access to your dreams.


(sinister ) Ha Ha Ha Ha ūüėČ