Vanish #2


 With the snuffing of the candle,

darkness walks into the room.

A fine crack in the doorframe,

permits the misty gloom.

A figure lingers in the void,

not known upon this earth.

It’s sucking in all happiness,

any joyfulness and mirth.

A wail’s heard in the distance,

oh such an agonising cry.

All arms and legs are frozen,

can’t move them if we try.

Too late we understand now,

darkness has taken hold.

We should have taken more heed,

of stories that were told.

A witch who returns at Christmas,

after she was banished.

Following any darkness here,

they find the children vanish

The Witch in the Woods

Walking through the woodland, I felt I was not alone,

I had the strangest feeling, of walking through a home.

But who would live in forests, deep within these trees,

a cold wind blew right through, it wasn’t make believe.

Oh yes, there’s tales of witches here, that was years ago,

would they still be in these trees, I really didn’t know.

I pulled my coat tight round me, quickened up my pace,

I hadn’t thought a nature walk would turn into a race.

As I left the forests depths, I turned once more around,

and carved into the boulder, a witches face I found.

Now that I am safe and warm, I’m trying hard to see,

What a witch would really want, with silly little me.


Yesterday I went on a nature walk, I wasn’t alone, I was with a friend.  It was a beautiful place in Sussex , Lake Wood.  We had a lovely afternoon walking around.  The place was fabulous, woods, a lake, amazing boulders, stairways, caves and tunnels.  We took some great photos  which I’m sure I will be posting at some point.

We both said it felt a bit spooky, the tunnels and caves had markings engraved, pentacles and the like but we kept on and enjoyed our walk.

Later that evening on telling a friend we had visited these woods, he told us it was supposed to be haunted by a witch who would chase you out of the woods, we laughed and  joked we were lucky to have escaped.

Now is it my very far fetched imagination, or can you also see a woman running towards me on the rock in the photos!