Vanish #2


 With the snuffing of the candle,

darkness walks into the room.

A fine crack in the doorframe,

permits the misty gloom.

A figure lingers in the void,

not known upon this earth.

It’s sucking in all happiness,

any joyfulness and mirth.

A wail’s heard in the distance,

oh such an agonising cry.

All arms and legs are frozen,

can’t move them if we try.

Too late we understand now,

darkness has taken hold.

We should have taken more heed,

of stories that were told.

A witch who returns at Christmas,

after she was banished.

Following any darkness here,

they find the children vanish

Vanish – DP





As the sun sets over the mountains,

you once again come to my mind.

The days that we spent bound together,

I’m trying hard now not to find.

An excuse for your sudden departure,

I though what we had was the best.

The morning the phone rang unanswered,

another of lives painful tests.

One moment your here then you vanish,

I’m lost for the reason you went.

From the second my eyes laid upon you,

I believed you were heaven sent.

Was it just my crazy imagination,

had I spent to many years on my own.

Are you on the other side of that mountain,

and me I’m just here all alone.



Response to The Daily Prompt Vanish