I thought my calling was changing,

but it’s still very much the same.

My passion remains in traumas field,

as I’m driven to help with pain.

By believing I needed to move away,

trauma called back once more.

I’m now taking a different approach,

with much more learning in store.

Why am I called back to this trauma,

a connection to what I can’t see.

Though in honesty if I’m truthful here,

in helping others I’m helping me.













12 thoughts on “Calling”

  1. You are such a delight. Your heart is speaking and you are listening. You have so much to offer to everyone. In thought, word and deed as well as in how much you show you care. You are pretty special in my book. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Liza. xoxoxo

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  2. Calling is something that never really goes away, does it? It is in this groove that we belong, and as many times as we try to escape it, or are pulled in other directions, it keeps reminding us that when we are in it, we are where we are the most beneficial and effective to all, including ourselves.

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