Grenfel Tower

The air was punctuated with the sound of crying – BBC News

It’s hard to imagine, even though I’ve been watching the news all day, the trauma of those caught up in the high rise fire in Grenfel Tower, West London today. I keep watching the news but I can’t bring those people back, I can’t make them safe.

I’ve watched extended news reports a lot lately, Manchester, London Bridge and now Grenfel Towers. For those of you that might not have heard a tower block caught fire today. It is said that it is unprecedented, an inferno that spread so fast it was impossible to save the people trapped in their homes. I watch the news reports because in a crazy way I feel that by watching I might be able to save someone.

Is that crazy, I stare at the TV in hope, hope that something magical will happen to rewind the scene? It’s all I can do at the moment, later I can donate, make sure my homes safe, make sure my loved ones know how to keep themselves safe, but for now I watch and hope.

Today’s Daily Prompt word was puncture, I heard punctuated. There are others like chaos, evacuate, smoke, jump, smoke inhalation, safety, lost, lives, fire trap, hope, love.

Daily Prompt – Puncture




12 thoughts on “Grenfel Tower”

  1. There is so much pain and suffering in the world any more. It is hard not to watch and want to help, but I too try to avoid the news… there comes a point when a soul can only take so much. (((HUGS)))

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    1. Thanks Leigha, yes there’s a lot. It can fill us up and bring us down. There’s a balance between acknowledging and empathising and keeping ourselves in a good place I think. I need to look at some good stuff and there’s plenty of that too. The worlds not all bad but we sometimes have to look for the good 😊 x

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  2. The individual horror stories that have come through are devastating. We have seen terrible events recently, and nothing an make up for them, but we are also seeing the war spirit rise up. People are showing compassion and generosity towards all those who are suffering, and racism is hiding its ugly face.

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