I hate to be a passenger,

to me it is so very wrong.

It’s so absolutely boring,

the road goes on and on.

I’d prefer to be the driver,

I have something to do.

Unless I want a drink or two,

I’ll give the keys to you.


I’m okay on an airplane,

I don’t have a pilots skills.

I wouldn’t want to fly,

I don’t have wings and bill.

I like to see a road sign,

I can’t see them up in the sky.

So much traffic up there,

you have to ask yourself why.


I’m okay being carried,

when I’m tired and worn out.

Lift me up into your arms,

I’ll come don’t ever doubt.

I’ll close my eyes and hold on,

I’ll whisper in your ear.

I’d always be your passenger,

don’t drop me, is that clear.




8 thoughts on “Passenger”

      1. Hi. Hope life is treating you well. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t made enough time to chat. I’m not on duty in the am so I’m reading a novel. Seriously, I’ve read 2 in 4 hours, lol. Fast reader hehe. Hope we get a chance to chat soon. Xoxo

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