Never Natty

I turn out okay but I don’t think I’ve ever been or ever deserved to be called natty. It’s a new word to me but my understanding of it is stylish, neat, well turned out. I’m thinking of everything being in place, matching, tidy and put together.

It takes me about ten minutes to get ready, that’s after a bath of course! I have never understood what takes so long, on occasion I’ve felt myself to be lacking in this area, but then again I think life is for living not for preparing to live.

I usually look okay, friends tell me I look good and mum used to say I looked beautiful but I think that’s because she loved me. I don’t put an excessive amount of effort into how I look because it’s not me, I like to look okay but not over done. I think whatever we put on, it’s the whole person that comes through, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear can you. If we want to look good, we need to feel good and feeling good comes from somewhere a little deeper than the surface, I’m hoping I’m more vibrant inside than what I put on the outside of me, I’m also hoping it shines through.

I have fine hair with a tendency to frizz so in a million years that’s not going to be natty, windswept maybe, maybe sometimes just right but never natty. I have a god of good hair, I don’t abuse him but if I want to look okay I might send him a quick prayer. I’ve also a god of parking spaces but he’s not for this post.

Today I’m wearing workout leggings (no I haven’t been working out) and a t-shirt, I could never be called natty and I’m not sure I’m desperately seeking it!

So I don’t want to wear a uniform and I don’t want to be described as natty, I wonder what tomorrows prompt might be ūüėČ






He told me I was a ‘natty‘ dresser,

I had not a clue what he meant.

I hoped that it was something good,

as a man he was so heaven sent.

I considered if it meant crazy,

was he taking the ‘mick’ out of me.

Maybe when I looked in the mirror,

I didn’t see what he could see.

But I graciously said thank you,

with my fingerless crossed so tight.

I hoped that he might ask me out,

that he really felt I was alright.