Farewell to Autumn

Yesterday I took a walk locally to try and catch what I could of the remaining flowers in my local park.  I don’t have a garden, although I do have two window boxes and pots on the front steps.  The window boxes I plant twice a year, summer flowers for my mum and a winter selection for my step father, he was Scottish so there has to be heather.  Both of them loved their flowers, nature and wildlife so it’s fitting I plant for them. I’m on the first floor so I’m hopeful the frost won’t hit too early.

I love nature, you might have got an inkling of this from my blog, but this is new for me, well newish anyway.  There was a time I hated looking at photos without someone in them, I couldn’t see the point, now I’m totally different, I try to reduce the traffic and that includes people.  I thought I would share some of the photos I have taken lately on my phone as a tribute to Autumn.  I’m going to have to hold some back of course for my daily posts 😉







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