What do you Think?

I saw my grandpa on the night he died, he was standing over me looking down. I was terrified at the time, hid under the covers until morning, praying that God would make him go away.

I loved my grandpa dearly, but knew his body had been taken from the house, I knew he was at the undertakers. I never mentioned it to my Gran, his partner of over fifty years. As an Irish Catholic I think she might have washed my mouth out and certainly wouldn’t have believed me. I didn’t offer to stay another night and any times I stayed following that night, I always hopped in with my Gran. I never saw him again but have often been told he is with me.

I believe in life after death, you’ve probably gathered that by now if you’re a regular reader of my blog, but I have so many questions. One of these questions is, if a body has been disposed of, how can it look the same? Sometimes I believe, or have heard, they might look younger, healthier, happier. But why do we see them as they once were when they have left their bodies. Is it the energy we recognise, our brain doing the rest, or is it them, does a spiritual body have some sort of form?

After my mother died, I sat up for nights looking for her, I was sure she would appear, I’d asked her to come back but she didn’t. I think maybe my childhood fear closed the shutters. I think I have prevented myself from ever seeing anything quite like this again.

I’ve seen other things, people I don’t know, but not in the same way. Although they might look like they are in the room, I know they are in my head, it’s different. After my cat died she jumped on the bed a few times, the last time I kept my eyes closed hoping she would stay and she padded all around me before disappearing again. I think she came to let me know she was okay, just as my grandpa did.

I’ve seen a Buddhist Monk and a Big Warrior sort of guy, I don’t know them. I see or sense people who aren’t really there, can’t be seen by anyone else, but never like grandpa.

Sometimes when I’m in bed, I’m tickled, touched I think. It’s like a stroke, the most gentlest stroke, sometimes like a spiders web across my face or hand.

Now for reincarnation, I’m a firm believer in this too. I regress people and take them into future possible lives. I’ve been regressed and seen the men and women I have been. So if we live so many lifetimes, why do we look like the last if we come back like grandpa? I’m not sure I make sense, let’s try again. If I have one soul, but many bodies, surely they are all part of me, so I would look like a mixture of them all. Or is it my soul would look like me to anyone who knew me in this life, but different if I was visiting a past life in France?

It’s all bloody fascinating, I’m intrigued but suppose I’ll only ever know for sure when I get there and that’s if I’m right. I’ve sort of come to the conclusion it’s all energy, we recognise the energy and our human brains do the rest. The people I don’t know, like the monk, I put his energies into the form I recognised. I’m not sure from where, maybe a different life. Or maybe my soul, knows him, maybe my soul recognised him as a monk.

No I’m cheating a bit on the daily post today, although my grandpa was my grans partner. I haven’t got a partner to chew this over so I though I’d ask what you think. It would be great if someone could answer my questions or at least give them a go.

This is how my mind works when I’m procrastinating. I should be packing for my house move on Tuesday not working out the whys and wherefores of life and death!


8 thoughts on “What do you Think?”

  1. I had a similar experience with my cat, I felt him on the bed in the usual way. One night I felt I was stroking his fur, I found a whisker in the bath ?? When I lived alone apart from my cat, I regularly “seen” people at the foot of my bed. People I had never seen before in my life. One night I had the sensation someone was lightly touching my shoulder as they peeped over it to look at me – I woke up with my heart pounding. Numerous times I felt as if a posy of flowers was about to fall on me and I would jump in my bed. This all stopped once I moved home to look after my parents.

    My parents have told me many times that from the age of 3 until around 7, I told everyone I was Molly Johnson. I was married to Ginger Johnson and had numerous children. Mom said she used to get a little frightened of the stories I would tell about what my children were getting up to because she had no idea how I would know about being married and children at such a young age. Once I was firmly at school I forgot about Molly but I’ve often wondered if I was Molly in a past life.

    Have you read any of the books by Dr Brian Weiss? Only Love is Real, Many Lives Many Masters or Messages from the Masters? I read them some years ago, Only Love is Real left quite an impression xx

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    1. Wow Dawn, you’ve certainly had some experiences. My nan ( the other one ) used to see people round the bed too, she used to tell them to go away!
      Have you ever thought of looking Molly and Ginger up, or ever considered regression yourself? My son told me when he was very little that he knew how he died, said he’d been shot in France, went on to tell me that he hadn’t been French but an American journalist. He’s always loved to write and took an English degree!
      I love Brian Weiss books, I would love to go to one of his seminars one day.

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      1. I must re-read his books. I read in a John Edwards book that if you see falling posies it signifies that a loved one who has crossed over is sending you a message that they are close, celebrating with you.

        I had an experience one night where I ‘m sure my cat protected me. He was in the landing howling, I got out of bed and he guided me downstairs and he went back to the landing, staring at one spot. I kept asking him what could he see, his body was so tense. I remembered from an Angel book I read, about repeating the words three times “are you from the light”, which I did. Almost immediately I had said the words the third time my cat relaxed back to normal and ran to me purring.

        We too are an Irish Catholic family and we practice our faith. I know there are certain things we are not supposed to believe it but I don’t believe God put us here for just this life, I think our soul has a journey, life lessons to learn and teach and when we are ready, we reach heaven. I think you are right in that we see our family and friends as we remember them as human because that’s what our brain can cope with.

        Sorry this has turned into an essay!!! I did look up Molly and Ginger some years ago but couldn’t find anything. I must try again.

        Where are you moving too? I hope it all goes well and smoothly xx

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      2. Thanks Dawn, I’m off to Kent for a while. No worries about the length of your comment, it’s nice of you to take so much time and interesting for me to read.

        Do let me know if you find anything out about Molly and Ginger, it’s fascinating I’d love to hear.

        I just finished One Soul, Many Bodies again, a really good read. I think we agree on the journey and the lessons, it just makes sense to me but I suppose lots would think me mad 😉

        I was christened catholic but take a little from all religions, the bits I like anyway and discard the rest. Funny how so many are similar, there must be something to it!

        Take care x

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      3. I know just what you mean, folk think me crazy and others think it is just a fabulous way of looking at things. It makes sense to me though, it has given me a deeper belief and yet a more open belief also. I think also my love of Country Music is part of the whole thing as the American Country music is full of God loving, life loving lyrics.

        My Dad has read most of the holy books from various religions and said that underneath the interpretations, fundamentally they are very similar. I think after I read “Only Love is Real” it reinforced my thoughts about God being love and religion being man made – if that makes sense. I do love the various traditions of the various religions though, the ceremonies that take place, all so beautiful in their way.

        I hope the move goes well x


  2. I and other friends have experienced similar situations. One friend saw a man she’d taken in and raised and before the phone call came he’d been in a tragic logging accident, he appeared at the end of her bed. She’d had other experiences so wasn’t startled per say, but couldn’t shake the eerie feeling something was wrong. Within minutes the call came in, he’d succumbed to his injuries. I’ve seen past and present, my daughter’s children, each before they were born, as 3 to 5-year-olds. When she asked if she’d have a boy, I said yes. She did. At the time he faded in and out and I couldn’t figure out why. Later I found out why. They hadn’t wanted more children, but eventually he was born, followed I saw by a little girl with lots of curls. The last of the brood. I’ve seen my grandfather walked around the house late at night. And I’ve witnessed many I did not know. I witnessed the towers before the blast that took them down, I witnessed many horrific events as well as deaths (murders). Eventually it became overwhelming and I couldn’t sleep for seeing coming events. I turned that part off. I to this day see my life in advance and when a disaster would have occurred, taken steps to choose another path that stopped the car accident or other events from occuring. I saw at one point I was in love with 3 men at the same time. I couldn’t figure out how that was possible. As it turns out, it was 2 male counsellors I later met and although it was a different kind of love, a deep affection for the two that assisted me through a horrible time, along with the ex. I sincerely believe that we are all capable but society condemns such things and consigned them to “evil” so we shut the possibility off. My grandmother (whom I never met or got to know) was a levitationist. I believe that we can and often do witness events about to occur or have occurred and if we are truly aware, remember and understand them, perhaps part of the dejavu we all are aware of. I can’t explain why or how it happens, I simply know it does.

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    1. There’s more to heaven and earth than we’ll ever know, somebody said something like that but it’s true I think. I’m not sure strange things are evil, a strange society to think that, but fear I think puts people off so they don’t want to hear.
      You’ve had lots of things happen to you, quite fascinating! Tell you what if you have any premonitions about me, message me ha ha!


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